High School Graduation


Will you graduate?


High School Graduation Requirements

I.  Proficiency Requirement (California High School Exit Exam)

The State Law requires that graduates will have to reach a minimum standard of proficiency in reading, writing, and mathematics in order to receive a diploma of graduation from high school. Testing of these proficiencies starts in the 10th grade and continues each year until students are able to pass.

II. Total Credits Required = 240 

5 credits per semester are given for each course passed with a pass (P) or D- or better. There are two semesters in each school year. Students generally can earn 60 credits for each year. In 4 years most students accumulate 240 credits.

III. Subject Requirements 

♦English – 30 credits (3 years), must include English I, English II, and English III.

Students are required to be enrolled in an English class for the 9th, 10th, and 11th grades.

♦English Composition Skills – 5 credits per semester.

All students enrolled must take this class each semester.

♦Math – 20 credits (2 years).


♦Physical Education – 20 credits (2 years). 

Students are required to be enrolled in the 9th and 10th grades.

♦Science – 20 credits (2 years).

Biology, Earth Science, Health, Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry, and Physics classes are required to meet this requirement. (Biology lab, 4 credits, required for all students taking Biology at YCCS).

♦Social Science – 40 credits (4 years).

World Geography – 10 credits (1 year) – required for 9th grade.

World History – 5 credits (1 semester) – required for 10th grade.

State Requirements – 5 credits (1 semester) – required for 10th grade.

U.S. History – 10 credits (1 year) – required for 11th grade.

American Government – 5 credits (1 semester) – required for 12th grade.

Economics  5 credits (1 semesters) – required for 12th grade.

♦Visual  & Performing Arts/Foreign Language – 10 credits (1 year).

All Art Classes, Performing Art Classes, and Foreign Language Classes meet this requirement.
This would include: Newspaper, Yearbook, Speech, Drama, Choir, Art Appreciation, and Music Appreciation classes.

*Any other classes that might meet the above subject area requirements must be pre-approved by the school administration.

IV.  Attendance

Students must be in attendance 155 days out of the 175 regular school days.