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Current YCCS Board Members 

Dave Shaw – President (7/1/16 – 6/30/19)
Atara Adams – Vice President/Treasurer (7/1/14 – 6/30/17)
 Pete Bakis – Secretary Clerk (7/1/14 – 6/30/17)
Marvin Gieber – Parent Representative (7/1/15 – 6/30/18)
James Ferreira – Superintendent/Principal
Herbert Cooley – Vice Principal
Paul Broughton – YCUSD Liaison

Current YCCS Board Openings

  • YCCS Corporate Board – Application period is now open for positions on the Yuba City Charter School Corporate Board. The term is three years. Application deadline is Friday, September 4, at 5:00pm.  Posted openings are for:
    • 1 “at large” community member
    • 1 parent member

Application can be downloaded here.
Application to be a voting member of the parent advisory council can be found here. There is no deadline for submission.