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Mr James Ferreira - Superintendent/Principal

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James Ferreira has been the Superintendent/Principal of YCCS since July of 2012.  He was born and raised in Yuba City.  Mr. Ferreira attended Yuba College and completed an AA degree, then transferred to Chico State where he finished his BA degree and Teaching Credential. He earned his Master of Education in educational management from the University of La Verne in 2004, and received his Administrative Credential.  His career began teaching 7th and 8th grade English at Terrace Middle School.  He then relocated back to his home town of Yuba City where he taught English at Yuba City High School for eighteen years.  He served one term as a Trustee for the Yuba City Unified School District and stepped down at the end of that term to become the Superintendent of Yuba City Charter.  He has directed YCCS under the main premise that the individual needs of each individual student will be the most important concern of the school.
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Mr. Herb Cooley - Vice Principal

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Mr. Cooley is a graduate of California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Engineering and holds a Single Subject Teaching Credential in Agriculture, Agricultural Specialist Credential and his Preliminary Administrative Services Credential. He has been teaching since 2001 and has taught middle school through high school classes in mathematics, science, English language arts, and career technical education. Mr. Cooley is the Vice Principal.  Along with his administrative duties he advises the Associated Student Body, teaches the Leadership class and co-advises the FFA and 4-H.


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Chrissy Thao - Student Counselor

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Mrs. Donna Preus - HR/Business

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Donna Preus was born and raised in Yuba City.  She began working at YCCS in 2013 and brought 25 years of administrative secretarial experience with her.  Donna has been happily married for 26 years and has a daughter.  When not at work, Donna enjoys camping and fishing with her husband.  She makes sure that at least once a year she vacations with her three sisters.
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Jennifer Sanchez - High School Attendance

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Jennifer Gonzalez is a graduate of Yuba City Charter School and worked as an office aide.  Her work was organized, she was efficient and YCCS recruited her to remain on campus as the attendance secretary.  Jennifer translates school documents to Spanish and also interprets for parent conferences, school functions and school board meetings.  Jennifer enjoys ski diving and other extreme sports.  Jennifer is often referred to as the office ninja.
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Kenia Gonzalez - Elementary Attendance

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Atara Adams - Student Records

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Mrs. Adams has been part of the Wildcat family since 2003 when her first child enrolled in YCCS.  She currently has 3 children attending the school and was on the YCCS School Board for 6 years. She enjoys reading, camping and spending time with her family. She enjoys dedicating time to organizations in the community such as Pink October and Scouting for Food.


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Dr. Harry Wander - Onsite Doctor

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Dawn Downs - Food Services

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Dawn Downs is the Food Services Coordinator.  She has been with the school since 2006, first working as a yard duty supervisor, and then as a class aide.  In 2016 she received her ServSafe certification, and is proud to be called the "lunch lady".  She thoroughly enjoys working with children on a daily basis, and finds it can be very entertaining at times!
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Cyndi Balderas - Kindergarten Assistant

(530) 822-9667

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Billy Gandy - Maintenance

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Billy graduated from YCCS in 2016.  He is currently attending Yuba Community College and plans transferring to Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo to major in the field of engineering.  Billy enjoys flying remote control planes in his spare time.
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Isa Uriostegui - Spec Ed Secretary

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Katie Preus - Para Educator

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Mireya Raya - Para Educator

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Helen Jackson - Yard monitor

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Laurie Jackson - Yard Monitor


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Maria Oregel - Kindergarten

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Emily Morris - 1st grade

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Joshua Chohaan - 2nd Grade

(530) 822-9667 ext. 108

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Yuba City Charter School is pleased to have Mr. Chohaan as a continued member of our family. Mr. Chohaan has been in the field of education for a decade and is very passionate about teaching. He has been a first grade teacher at Yuba City Charter School for seven years. In addition to serving as a teacher, he is the school’s book fair chairperson, he coordinates the talent show, ELA and math family nights, field days, the science fair, elementary award show and has in the past served as our school’s lead elementary teacher.

Mr. Chohaan attained a Bachelor of Science with a specialization in pre-law which he obtained with honors. Also, he holds a Master of Science in Adolescence Education and a second Master’s of Science in Literacy. He taught at a school in New York for gifted students where he taught the kindergarten, first grade and second grade curriculum.  In addition, throughout the years he has worked closely with children in many diverse environments. He has worked over 15 years tutoring children in various academic subjects, such as, social studies, English, science, Spanish and mathematics.

Mr. Chohaan truly believes that first grade is intended to be a rewarding and enjoyable journey of learning that will allow your child to learn, grow and flourish as an individual. He also believes it is crucial that parents be involved in their child’s academic lives because they can help ensure that their child’s various cognitive, social and personal needs are met.  If you have any questions regarding your child please feel free to contact Mr. Chohaan at (530) 822-9667 ext. 108 or through e-mail at

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Venessa Lezcano - 3rd Grade

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Samantha Scrogin - 4th Grade

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Magdalena Oregel - Elementary Spanish

(530) 822-9667 

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Magdalena Oregel graduated from Chico State University in 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Spanish; and earned her bilingual teaching credential. She teaches second grade. Her previous teaching experience includes working as an after school coordinator for K-8th grade, as a long term Spanish substitute, a pre-K teacher, a tutor, and a K-12th substitute teacher.

Mrs. Oregel is happily married to an amazing husband. They have a four year old daughter. They enjoy the outdoors and spending time together as a family.

Mrs. Oregel enjoys working with children and helping them reach for their dreams through their education. She believes that every child should be valued and treated with respect. An education should empower a child and help him or her make a positive contribution to our world.

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Olga Hudson - 5th Grade

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Mrs. Hudson graduated from California State University, Chico with a degree in human resources and business administration. She has been a proud Yuba City Charter School Wildcat since 2014. She enjoys teaching fifth grade because the students are independent thinkers, and they get excited about new ideas.  Mrs. Hudson also teaches Spanish to the fourth, fifth and sixth grade students during the afternoon electives block. In her spare time she enjoys photography and traveling with her family. She is an avid runner and has qualified for the Boston Marathon twice.

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Jodi Oakley - 6th Grade

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Matt Coats - Middle School

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Matt Coats is no stranger to our area, or to the education system.  He has served for over two decades in various classified positions with such school districts as Yuba City Unified, Colusa, Nevada County, Folsom-Cordova, and Rocklin.  Mr. Coats has returned to his home town to teach seventh grade and high school art at Yuba City Charter School.  Mr. Coats has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Sacramento State, with a focus on Education. He is excited to be part of the awesome team of teachers, students, and parents at Yuba City Charter School.  He is looking forward to sharing many great experiences with our school and our community.

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Carolyn Roberts - Middle School

(530) 822-9667 ext. 109

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Mrs. Robert’s began working at YCCS in 2010 and has been teaching since 2004. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Hope International University, Fullerton, California and a teaching credential from Brandman University, Yuba City, California.

Third grade has a strong focus on reading, writing and arithmetic. It is vital for a child’s future that he or she spend 20 minutes per day in a session of reading. Not only will reading build vocabulary, fluency, knowledge, comprehension, and academic success, studies have shown that it will also give a student a huge advantage on their end-of-the-year state test scores. Students will keep a journal so they can practice writing complete, thoughtful sentences that catch the reader’s attention, even if that reader is themselves. In math, students will become proficient in all multiplication and division facts. Other math related skills include telling how much time has lapsed, place value, fractions, perimeter and area, real life word problems, as well as greater than and less than values.
Parents can contact Mrs. Roberts before or after school at
530-822-9667 ext. 109 with any questions or concerns about their child.
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Patti Garcia - Algebra / Animal Science

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Taylor Kuphaldt - Chemistry/Physics

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Mr. K was born and raised in Yuba City and graduated from Yuba City High School. During his teenage years, he became a professional bicycle racer, and travelled often throughout North America and Europe representing the US in international competition. After retiring from racing, he attended UC Davis and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering, specializing in composite materials. Mr. K then worked in the aviation industry for three years, helping to design and construct unmanned airplanes for defense uses. In 2015, Mr. K decided to leave the aviation industry to become a teacher.  He wanted to bring his engineering and mathematics knowledge back to his hometown. He has been the mathematics and physics teacher at YCCS since 2015, and continues to work on engineering and electronics projects when he finds time. In 2016, Mr. K began teaching woodshop, and has enjoyed sharing his hobby with his students while helping them create furniture and other items for the YCCS students and staff.
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Toni Cole - Social Studies

(530) 822-9667 ext. 114

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Toni Cole is Yuba City Charter School’s middle and high school social science teacher. She has been a part of YCCS for four years teaching Geography, US history, World History, American Government, Economics, Driver’s Education, and Health. She is also very active in helping to organize the school’s prom and senior trip each year.
Ms. Cole obtained her undergrad from CSU Chico completing her major in Social Science and two minors in European Studies and Geography. Currently, she is enrolled in psychology courses to ultimately become a school psychologist. Before becoming a teacher at YCCS, she worked as an intern at Woodleaf Outdoor School; had many long-term subbing positions at Lindhurst High School in PE, Art, and Health; coached track and field for four years; and traveled domestically and internationally with high school students for seven years through People to People Student Ambassadors.

When she is not teaching, Ms. Cole enjoys spending time with her family, close friends, and her golden retriever. She also enjoys running, yoga, reading, theater, whale watching and prioritizes travel as her biggest passion. So far, she has been to 35 states and 38 countries and plans to see many more! Her most important mission as a teacher is to build cultural bridges and encourage a spirit of adventure and travel in her students as she believes this is the best way to break down the barriers which often separate us as humans.
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Susan Matthews - Student Support

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Rene Villegas - Physical Education

(530) 822-9667

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Mr. Villegas received his Bachelor of Arts at Chico State in Kinesiology with an option in Physical Education. He also has a Masters of Arts in Kinesiology with an option in Coaching. He is certified as a Personal Trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). He is also a certified life coach. Mr. Villegas has been active since he was a kid and played competitive soccer, which helped him develop a passion for fitness. With his athletic background and impressive education he has been a valuable asset as a head coach for the Women's soccer team at Yuba College. Mr. Villegas is also an instructor at Yuba College. He teaches weight training, soccer, health, nutrition and does sport conditioning for the athletes.
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Karyn Rogers - Special Education

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Geoff Wander - ACADECA

(530) 822-9667

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Carol Thomas - Teacher Support

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Autumn Downs - Substitute Teacher


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Lynn Arp - Independant Teacher

(530) 822-9667

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Mrs. Arp earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from California State University, Stanislaus.  She went on to earn her Single Subject Credential in English from Chapman University.  Mrs. Arp taught English at Yuba City High School for fifteen years.  Since 2010 she has been enjoying giving individualized instruction through independent study and home hospital programs.  Mrs. Arp joined the Yuba City Charter team in 2015 where she has worked diligently to improve our Independent Study program.  
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Tim Broneck

(530) 822-9667

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