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Yuba City Charter Agriculture Program: “Learn by Doing”

YCCS has an established FFA program. Students attend leadership conferences, career development events, and many agriculturally related events, such as participation in the Yuba-Sutter Fair.

There are four agricultural and natural resources career pathways for students to choose from:

Plant Seedling

Plant Science

Students will take classes in Agricultural Physical Science and Greenhouse. Students will learn about Earth Science and Plant Science. Those completing this pathway will have experience in greenhouse management, including irrigation and selecting growing mediums. Students will learn about various crops, planting, pruning, plant diseases, and care.


Students will take courses in Agricultural Biology, Agricultural Physics, and Agricultural Chemistry. Students completing this pathway will fulfill the CSU/UC A-G science requirements for enrollment in a CSU or UC in California.

Animal Science

Students will take two years of courses in Animal Science and Veterinary Science. Those who participate in this pathway have the opportunity to compete against other schools in the Veterinary Tech competition. Students will also have the opportunity for hands-on experiences with industry practices and equipment.

Agriculture Mechanics

Students in this pathway have access to a brand-new facility and new industry-standard equipment. Students will have hands-on experience.

Other Programs:

  • Culinary Arts
  • Drama
  • Performance Band
  • Art
School Roleplay